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Removing Old Balusters:

1.  Cut Baluster in half at the narrowest part with a hand saw or power saw.

2.  Twist each half to loosen.

3.  Remove each half of the baluster from the stair tread and handrail.

4.  If nails remain either bend them back in the existing holes or remove very carefully.

Cutting Iron Balusters:

1. Using a metal tape measure, measure the distance from the front hole in the stair tread to the corresponding hole in the bottom of the handrail. 2. Do this same procedure for all the holes on the stair treads. 3. To each of these measurements add 1.5". This is your baluster length. 4. Using this measurement, cut the baluser to the length needed. Be sure to cut from the bottom of your baluster. The top end is the end with the rounded tip. 5. A band saw or chop saw with a metal cutting blade can be used to cut the iron balusters. Use safety glasses and follow proper safety precautions while cutting. Protect the area where you are cutting as sparks are possible when cutting metal. NOTE: IRON CAN BE REALLY HOT AFTER CUTTING

Installing New Iron Balusters:

1.  Before placing the baluster into the staircase, slide the iron shoe onto the baluster bottom. 2.  Place the rounded top into the handrail hole first and then into the stair tread hole. Straighten the baluster once inserted. The rounded top should press firmly against the front on the handrail hole, making sure that the flat shoe at the bottom squares up with the front of the step. 3.  When you have replaced all the balusters you will need to glue the balusters in place using epoxy. The epoxy will set very quickly so once you insert the glue into the nozzle you will need to work quickly to glue all the balusters in place.


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